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Download Line PC. Line is the fashionable aplication to be in touch with your friends through

teach you how to start using this great app. The first step you must to do is enter to the PlayStore with your Smartphone, look for the application (the free versión) and download line
Once you have downloaded it, it’s time to install it:

Download Line PC

Download line pc

Open the app, push “New User” and check your phone number. After this, click at Next. Don’t worry, even if you have to enter your phone number, Line is totally free of charge and very safe.

Read carefully the terms and conditions of the service. When you are sure that you are okey with them, push at Accept the conditions and check. After this, they will send you a SMS to your Smartphone with a verification code. You must insert it in the box, it’s very easy! Automatically, Android will check the code that you have written. If it’s right, Line will allow you to click at OK and you will continue the installation.

Now it’s time to add all your contacts who you want to talk with:


Line lets you to add to your contacts automatically from your phonebook. Remember, if you dont want to other people add you as a contact, you must deselect that option.

Also, you can create groups up to 100 people!

Let’s continue with the process

After add your friends, you should introduce a name and your profile photo. Remember that you will appear under that name so your friends will see you like that, choose carefully! We recomend you use your own name. Also, you can write a status.

What’s more, you got a Time Line where you could comment whatever that you want your contacts see.

That’s it! Your Line Account it’s ready to be used: now you are able to send messages, play or call to your contacts… Free!

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What do you think about this great app? Is it better than other ones like Kick or whatsapp? Do you think that Line will be made on a gap in the market? Don’t forget let a comment in the comment box with your opinion! (Official)

So for all of you who spend some good time sitting in front of the computer, download LINE PC and start stalking from your office chair using your computers keyboard instead of your smartphone touchscreen!

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Download Line PC, 3.7 out of 5 based on 416 ratings

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  1. I like line so much.


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