LINE is Gaining Half a Million New Users a Day!

These days, there are an unlimited number of messaging applications that offer texting, video and voice calls, and sharing media, but not all of them can say that they’re growing by a half million

LINE has your daily dose of top news stories

We’ve talked before about LINE official accounts, which can belong to famous brands, celebrities, restaurants, etc. and which often provide exclusive content and special offers for their followers on LINE. What you may not

LINE Official Accounts

LINE Official Accounts One of the interesting features that set LINE apart from other instant messaging or chat apps is its huge listing of LINE Official Accounts. A LINE Official Account is kind of

Games and other LINE Apps

In past blog posts we’ve talked about the app, what it has, and what can you do with it. From looking at the different settings, the different functions, and the things that it offers.

The Line Experience: Part 3: Timeline and Stickers

Another fun element LINE offers is a Timeline section. You can write things, post photos, and use LINE’s famous stickers. This part of the app is very similar to a Facebook, or Path (If

The Line Experience: Part 2: Adding Friends in Line

Adding friends in the LINE app is quite easy, and it gives you plenty of choices on how to do it. If you are using the app for the first time like I am,

The Line Experience

The Line Experience I decided to download LINE as an alternative to other communication apps like Viber, Whatsapp, or Touch. It’s always nice to see how other applications work and see if I can