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Download Line Android. My next phone will be an amazing

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Android HTC One smartphone. I actually have it already ordered and should be picking it up by the time that you will be reading this article in the very near future.

And the best thing is that I got it completely for free. My friend bought it and got an amazing insurance deal with it, he came home and showed me the phone -after obviously- having the Download LINE Android successfully done. So the thing is that I really digged this f*cking crazy piece of technology made in Taiwan. A completely beast. With Beat Audio speakers and all kind of fanciness that makes you be in love with this Android phone. So in love that I nearly forced my friend to claim that while on the bus

visiting his dear and loyal friend (me) somebody black or gipsy picked from his pocket his (and soon mine) beloved HTC One.

download line android

Going to the phone store immediately and claiming a new device from the insurance company. Giving me the old one. And tho they do block the network after you report a stolen phone, and you can’t use it as a phone nor insert any national SIM card, I do not care.

I will move to Germany if needed just to be

able to use this phone. And I am actually going to do so. I know, I am crazy (and I deserved to be caught and go to jail for acting like a normal* human being that tries to take advantage from a multimillionaire insurance company) *and poor.

The first thing I will do after receiving my new free phone, is to download LINE Android. Because HTC One runs on Android as you all shall know for now. And because LINE app is just

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one of the most amazing apps out there for Android. At least if you want to speak with all your contact list for absolutely no cost at all, not now, not in a year (not just like other famous chat based applications that do charge you after a one year “trial” version)

But you can do more things than just basic texting, you can also include in those same “texts” audio files, image files, and even having sent small video clips in real time to all your friends.

All those things are possibilities that I use to find them a lot of use. Sometimes I am just bored of typing to my girlfriend, and then instead of just don’t giving a f* about her, I just click on the microphone icon next to the ‘Sent’ button, and start recording a voice message that after me clicking on that same ‘Sent’ button, will arrive to her in matter of seconds. So I do not know what you are waiting for to download LINE Android for free while you can.

Be part of those more than two hundred millions of users who seem to have downloaded LINE Android already before you.

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Download Line Android, 3.6 out of 5 based on 75 ratings

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